Sunday, August 23, 2015

We have arrived!

Hello from Belize,  the land of "eternal" summer.. at least that's how it has felt to us.

Spring, Fleurette, and children arrived Monday afternoon.

This past week Fleurette helped by staying at the house while Nathanael and Spring worked on setting up the house.  When we came, Nathanael had some basics here (thankfully): Beds, Fridge, table and stove.  We now have most of what we need, although it seems like every day there is a small item missing (yesterday it was a toilet brush and clothes pins to hang wash)

Since it is 4:30 am here and I"m not going to turn on all of the lights I'll share the few pictures from Nathanael's phone that I have access to:

A new friend we met invited us to his house. We had fresh coconut milk (straight from the tree!) and the children played "cetch"(tag)

Although it has been frusterating/difficult not to have internet right away, Fleurette and the children were creative with their time! They made kites and flew them on the roof! 

On Thursday we heard the tragic news that our friend Glenna had passed away.  She leaves her husband, daughter and many grieving extended family members/friends.  To us she was a huge supporter of what we are doing. She came to help pack up our home, she brought a meal. Every time we had a conversation, Glenna was so encouraging and friendly.  Her husband Shawn was helping on our MST. As any wife/mother knows, for a man to help outside of the house and outside of his job, it requires a wife at home supporting him. We are thankful for the time she sacrificed so he could be available.  Please be praying for her family as they miss her! ; and us as it's very difficult to be away when something tragic happens.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support!

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  1. Fleurette has been such a blessing! I'm glad to see the pictures of your family meeting another family. I feel a bit of your pain remembering when my grandparents passed on and we couldn't be present to share the grief and memories with the family. Love, Phyllis