Saturday, August 8, 2015

Nathanael is home again WHAT??

Nathanael left for Belize last Thursday.  In order to streamline things we told most people that is when he was leaving, because in truth it was.

Nathanael met a friend in the course of his college training who really wanted him to interpret for her wedding.  She wanted him to do it more than a non-Christian who would not understand the dynamics of the evangelistic tone of her wedding.  She was so interested in him doing it, she paid for Nathanael's plane ticket to come back for her wedding :) 

Today Nathanael is at the wedding.  He will be here, helping us with packing and closure.

A Schedule for the past couple of weeks:

July 30 Nathanael leaves for Belize, and sets up some stuff in Orange Walk
August 3-6 Nathanael teaches ASL to Belizean Teachers and supervisors
August 6-7 Nathanael takes a bus ride (8 hours overnight)from Belize City to Cancun, then flies from Cancun to Philadelphia
August 8 Nathanael interprets at Wedding
August 14 Nathanael returns to Belize to do final set up for the family, fix some things in the house, make sure the water is  on etc
August 17 Spring, Fleurette and children meet Nathanael in Orange Walk, Belize
August 26 Fleurette flies back to the states

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers! Hopefully this brings clarity to any confusion :)

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  1. Wow! Crazy schedule. But glad Nathaniel can be with you to help a bit and I'm sure the kids love seeing daddy!