Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Corozal visit

yesterday we went to Corozal, about an hour bus ride from Orange Walk.  We visited with the midwife who I (Spring) would like to work with.  We still have to figure out logistics of this.. mainly who will watch the kids when I am away.

Corozal is beautiful and right by the bay.  Gail has a pool which is also a huge plus! We enjoyed our day.

Nathanael also met with Brenda, a woman who came to Belize to be involved in Deaf ministry.  She was so welcoming and helpful.  We were all so tired from swimming/the bus trip, that we neglected to take pictures. (oops)

Fleurette was able to speak with Gail, Brenda and Gail's husband about her plans.  It was so nice to have her come along with us1 

the restaurant we ate at had turtles in a tank.  We were the only ones eating (it isn't tourist season).  The waitress brought out lettuce that she let the kids feed to the turtles. 

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