Thursday, December 5, 2013

What Do I have to offer?

I have been struggling with the fact that going on missions for 2 years really changes so many lives. We are choosing to leave friends and family who we hold dear.  Our children will be forever "third culture kids" or at least they will be this for a while. I also expect God to change me and those around me.

The change is profound and impacting.  Sometimes I question why am I doing this?

Today I was reminded of an experience I had in Mexico, about 16 years ago.  I was in YES at the time and visiting a very poor family. They were probably the most poor I had known in my short life. Their entire home was in one room.

I was really impacted. What could I give them?  I couldn't give them a better life, or a different house. I didn't have the ability even to give them more food. As I contemplated and prayed over this. I came up with the only answer that made sense.

Jesus. He is really all I have to offer. I can train people, give them language, help them have a better birth; but in the end none of it matters.

I get so caught up in this world. I forget I am an "alien and stranger" here.  There are so many needs and wants that in the end don't matter.

Today I choose to remember that Jesus is all I have to offer and all I need.

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