Monday, December 9, 2013

with eager anticipation...

It took Nathanael and Glenn a lot of work to print out our letter and brochure. Those are hot off the press and are being handed out/sent in the mail.  There are butterflies in my stomach thinking: this could really happen!

The exciting part is seeing what God will do!  I know on our own strength we just can't come up with the funding needed for our trip. It is exciting and stretching to trust God. That is an "easy" thing to say in this part, the beginning of our journey. Pastor Anita challenged us to pray for that which only God can do. For us, the goal of leaving this summer seems daunting. (in more ways than just getting funding too!)

I have been spending the last month fasting and praying about Belize: for our journey and that God would go before us.  There is much to be done in the physical but the spiritual is also very very important.  Some of the strongholds that I see especially involving men and the sex trade.. I just don't know how to overcome but by prayer and fasting.

Even though I'm not physically there I am working on my Circle of Prayer, surrounding where we will be praying with prayers.  Thus I anticipate the journey: the building of supporters, the joy of seeing people walk with us, and the excitement of seeing what God will do.


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  2. So, if we give on the EMM website, we can just designate you guys and all will flow through?

    1. That is a Good question Mister Craig Wiggins. :) (notice the non abbreviated Mr)
      the correct thing would be to put: Nathanael and Spring Davis Support.
      THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT! We are in this Kingdom thing together. :)