Thursday, August 31, 2017

a part of the adventure

all started well, leaving the Hopewell parking lot after many tearful goodbyes. Not even an hour into our journey Nathanael looked back to see one of the trailer tires had completely blown!

It was in pieces. The spare was replaced but air leaked out. We abandoned the trailer on the turnpike, and got a pressure pump to re-fill the tire  After almost 3 hours, we were on our way again.

Another hour past and Nathanael noticed a sudden drop in the power. He stopped to check fluids, inspect the van.  After a process it was discovered we had a faulty transmission. My uncle rescued us from the side of the turnpike. At this point it was nearing 11:30 at night. We were an hour and a 1/2 away from their house our intended destination). Thankfully they are farmers. He had a truck and pulled our trailer. He also stopped at Wal Mart for a temporary transmission  fix. (as Tom Sadler more about this as I am not a mechanic by any means) This fluid made it possible for Nathanael to drive the van (slowly) to the farm.

It was nice to be in the comfort of family. It was also reassuring that we have a mechanic we can trust.

While the transmission was being re-built, we were able to explore some Johnstown history (yay for field trips that count as school days). My cousin even gave us a pass so we got in for free!!

My aunt spends a good amount of her time caring for my grandmother. It is humbling to watch.

Yesterday we had the opportunity to see my Pop-pop from my dad's side. He took us to Eat'n park (His favorite restaurant).

The kids have been enjoying running and exploring the farm. Zephaniah could spend weeks without getting bored.

I for one am enjoying the PA landscape for one last time.

We should (finally) be leaving this afternoon.  We are so thankful to the Hunsburgers for their hospitality and tolerance of our unexpectedly long stay! By the way my aunt runs an awesome Bed and Breakfast if you are ever in the Johnstown area. :)

A re-do of our schedule

Border crossing (Texas to Mexico) to happen hopefully Monday but possibly Tues (9/4-9/5)
One night in Mexico "alone"
One night with the Stevensons outside of Mexico City
One night alone
Bringing Belizean Border crossing to Thursday (or so)

Thanks so much for your prayers!


  1. God has a plan. There's a reason for the delay. His ways are always best. I'm glad u have such a good attitude about the delay. Praying God sends Angels to guard and guide you. With love,

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  3. Your aunt ran B&B Inn, its where my ancestor of Schantzes buried on hilltop cemetery in their land ;-)