Wednesday, August 2, 2017

We are in transition.

This is the state of our basement "living room" area currently. It is a mish mash of thrift store items, things to be packed, and things to be put in storage. I would venture to say this is the state of our entire house.. (sorry mom!!)

We are in the process of going room to room deciding what will stay (not much), what will go, and what we will get rid of. ( or bless other people with)

Recently a I was texting with a friend. She asked how I am doing. My answer: We are in transition. She asked if that meant we are packing and cleaning. Yes we are doing that. I was actually referring to a state of my heart.

Both Nathanael and I have read Looming Transitions by Amy Young which specifically talks about the challenges missionaries/expats face while going on to and leaving the field. We recognize that we are (and have been ) facing these transitions. We are thinking about saying goodbye, packing, anticipating change, and attempting to plan for it.

This past week we ran in a color fun run. I actually ended up with my niece who didn't want to run, most of my run was spent walking. On the way, we listened to this song:

I had chosen it, but I told Nathanael I hated it, and started to cry. Who wants to think about "when can I see you again?" as that is such an uncertain thing? I also have this "mom guilt" thing hanging over me, reminding me that "I" am doing this to our children. 

All of this post to say: Yes we are excited. We should be headed to Belize in the end of August! Please give us some grace as we navigate this time.  We love you and are thankful for you. YOur prayers and support are what has brought us to this point.

And for fun: Pictures from our run: 

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