Saturday, July 2, 2016

We are here...

I had a conundrum over the title.  We are back seems appropriate, yet some things in Pa have changed.  Our church for example has huge parts that we had never visited before.  We are still finding home as a family, so that one was out.

No matter what the title is, we have arrived safely in Pa.  After a lot of packing, storing, re-packing, selling, and throwing away, bus trips, plane trips, and sharing beds; we made it here.

The children rode in our van with Nathanael's step mother and my mom while my brother drove us.  (and the luggage).  Nathanael insisted our first stop be to get a cheese steak.  We had great intentions of stopping at Pat's or somewhere famous. We ended up at a random pizza shop but from Mark and Nathanael's description the cheese steaks were awesome. I held out for Trader Joe's.   At the cash register, Nathanael was told he had to use the chip in his credit card. Mark explained to the cashier that we are "foreigners" to which the cashier laughed, until he explained why.  We also made a thrift shop run before we made it to my parent's house.

My mother was a bit worried as we hadn't communicated to her and she couldn't figure out why it would take us so long to get from the airport to Sellersville.  We have since made successful trips to the library ( I have to limit my kids to books, reminding them we will return to the library soon!), grocery shopping, several thrift shops, and Five Below.

We were delighted by the MST who gave us a welcome home party.  It was so nice to spend time talking and learning more in person about what has happened in the past year.

Nathanael, the kids, and I have really started into a "normal" summer routine for us.  Nathanael has the privilege of working in ESY (extended school year). The children are at CEF daycamp for most of the summer along with doing other activities.  I am working at CEF camp this year along with starting a homecare job.

We are thankful for the privilege of having a break before we have started "back" into our routine in PA. We are so thankful to those who have been helping us with this transition...more about that in our next blog post!

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