Friday, July 8, 2016

Thank you! Thank you no really THANK YOU!!

Thank you to those who financially supported us:
You made it possible to:

  •   eat every day
  •    travel and reach a greater population, training sign language interpreters
  •    have internet so we could connect with others, conduct school, send financial reports, and even do YouTube channels!
  •   have furniture to sit on, beds to sleep on, and a table to eat at
  •   work with other people on a medical team in Dangriga
  •   meet new Deaf people
  •   communicate and befriend shop owners in our community

Thank you to those who supported us through prayer
You made it possible to:

  • serve in church
  • reach people with the word of God in Church
  • teach Sunday school
  • babysit for Friday night Bible study
  • open doors with the ministry of education
  • start an interpreter training program
  • function as a family in a new place
  • continue on even as we missed friends and family
  • make connections with others

Thank you to those who sent us care packages
you brightened our day, pockets and sometimes stomachs
 we were able to get things we really wanted and sometimes needed

Thank you to those of you who connected directly with us through facebook, instagram, e-mail, skype, or texting.  You made us feel like we weren't alone.

Thank you to those who helped prep our house before we return.  You made us feel like we had a place to stay.

Thank you to the people who welcomed us home at our "Hello" party.  We were so blessed to reconnect and share a little about our journey

Thank you to the people who have blessed us with out us asking, both financially and spiritually.  who have listened, provided services (without accepting payment), helped us, watched our kids, and loved on us.

Thank you to our MST who "held down the fort" at home. Thank you for coordinating for us, praying, connecting us to the right people, and caring for our kids. 

Thank you to Hopewell as our sending church for being the one who supported us as we found our calling and walked with us in this journey; then welcomed us back. 

We realize that no matter how hard we try or how many times we say thank you it can't be said enough. We appreciate everyone who has impacted our lives this past year.  Each one was a blessing and a gift to us.  Thank you for the blessing you decided to sew into the Kingdom of God and the growth of the Deaf community in Christ. 

The videos are from last weekend when we were able to attend the Moyer Family Reunion.  What a great time to spend catching up on each other's lives!  The children enjoyed running around the farm and playing with cousins.

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