Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Get ready, get set, go go go

I just read a newsletter from good friends of ours. They spent their last month in the States. One of the first things they mentioned was how busy things feel here.  I have to say that I totally agree. We are in the "mess" of working, camp, and trying to unpack.  I keep telling myself I wasn't on vacation, I moved. I have not had much "extra" time to organize and unpack. Mostly I tell myself that because it makes me feel better.

Thursday marked a official month that we have been  back in Pennsylvania.  If you followed our blog you would see we've been quite busy.

How have we been feeling? It's confusing to be in the place we are in.  We hold our hearts tightly and experience emotions at odd times.  What will Goodbye look like this time?  Can I really do this again?  Do we invest in relationships again? What activities do we choose to do because they will be the last for perhaps 3 years?

I personally am enjoying the "greenhouse" of working at Good News Camp. It in some ways feels like a "mini" Esperanza. The children enjoy being cared for, playing games, singing songs and learning about God's word

What are our next steps?

We've had a month to re-adjust, start jobs, meet with friends.

Our main focus is now fundraising.  We are looking to fill up our calendars! I know this seems counterproductive when I was just talking about being so occupied.

We are excited to tell our story. We want to share things and pictures that haven't been posted on the blog, and re-connect with those who have chosen to support us through our last term.

Our MST is changing. If you have an excitement for what we are doing, we would love to talk to  you. Fundraising is a big job and really we can't do it alone.

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