Thursday, January 14, 2016

Taking a drink

I just started reading a book called Wild in the Hollow for a book club.  I have only read the first 4 chapters.  She is describing her life as a "rebel" (her word) and conversion.  She talks about how the Holy Spirit met her on a linoleum floor.   

The book comes alive in my hands.  I walk with her, in despair, failure, doubt.  I see Christ as the Savior and friend that he is.  It is an exciting read (so far!) 

As I read I recognized I had been "missing out".  As a missionary (really just teaching sunday school weekly and cleaning the church are my  main jobs), homeschool mom, and friend; I had missed out on being filled.  I had forgotten to seek him first.  I hadn't even noticed I was running on empty.

Thirst is like that sometimes.  Until we take that first sip of water cooling our throats, we haven't noticed we needed it.  I cherish water a lot more these days than I used to.  It takes work to get it.  Water isn't really expensive, but man is it important, especially the drinking water!

I have been reading through the Bible, but was really missing out on intimacy.  What a good reminder and a spur to continue to seek his presence.  I need to remember to be thirsty.   


  1. It's so true that sometimes we don't realize we're thirsty until we start drinking! I had noticed that, but hadn't made the spiritual connection.

  2. Thanks Spring for sharing this. We certainly understand that since we all get thirsty, and no one is excluded. Water is really the best thing to quench it, and so like the Living Water. We tend to go to many other tasty things to satisfy, and they just don't do the trick. Love you all!