Tuesday, January 26, 2016


We are having a guest post on the blog this week.  While you eagerly anticipate that, and I work on some BIG NEWS for our newsletter,  I have to do something I've been promising for a while.

Both Abigail and Selah have been very "into" youtube since going to Belize.  I personally have a love hate relationship with it.  I really like and honor the fact that both girls put effort into their channels.  They spend time taking and editing videos.  Abigail is particularly dedicated and if you subscribe, you'll be able to keep up with her weekly.  Here is her latest video:

Thank you to Greg and Lucianna who proved to be interesting and exciting guests for her channel!

Selah also did a video recently:

In addition Selah has worked on designing a Weebly website for the past 5 months.  Feel free to enjoy that as well:  

Selah's Weebly WebsiteSelah's Weebly website

If you need a viewing password it is rootbeer :) 

Thanks for supporting us, and our children :)