Saturday, January 9, 2016

Playing "catch up"

Ben Martin arrived December 18.  I blogged about the day he came.  Since then our time was busy with Ben, then Lucianna, Christmas activities, New Years activities, writing the newsletter and this week returning to our "regular schedule" activities".

I have not done a good job at updating the blog.  My usual goal is once a week and I didn't make it this time.

Ben came over Christmas.  We were so thankful he brought a suitcase and 1/2 of things for us.  Our church and homeschool group blessed us beyond what really I would have imagined.

When we were in training, we learned a little about the importance of gifts. An anthropolgist taught our class.  It was  interesting to realize that our culture not only welcomes gifts but they are an  important part of our society as a whole.

What a humbling thing then to not be able to "repay" the kindness shown to our family.  We know that thank you cards, e mails, facebook posts aren't good enough.  We are just so thankful for the thought and effort put into making our Christmas a special one!

We are STILL enjoying the presents.. except of course the black licorice and some of the other food.. that has been consumed ;)

We pray you feel as blessed as we did this Christmas!

Here are some pictures of Ben's visit  At the end is the video that was shared the week before Christmas at Hopewell.

Some Christmas decorations around town

At church every year there is a pagent.  Everyone got to be in it, Even Ben.

Walking down the street

 We got Ben a special treat for Christmas!  I think most of it arrived intact when he reached Philly!  



  1. Glad you had such a good Christmas! You all are loved!!

  2. Glad you had such a good Christmas! You all are loved!!

  3. Thanks so much for commenting Andrea! Blessings to your family!