Tuesday, September 22, 2015

What do we have to offer?

There is a difficult gap that we live in.. the one between a world we left.. the church that thinks we are "awesome"  for being missionaries.  and the world we are currently in. Sometimes we still get exalted. Other times people are confused by us. We don't fit into their frame of reference.

Living in Mexico was a coming of age experience for me.  I moved from my parents to a place I didn't know, a language I wasn't familiar with, and people who confused me.  I am sure that our children are also experiencing this.  The first time I went to visit someone who lived in a house; small throw together house from tossed off materials, I was unsure of what to do.  Their house was smaller than my bedroom.  The only thing that they seemed posses of any value was the TV.

I experienced something similar here. While visiting the taxi driver, I had to use the bathroom.  The 5 boys/men who are sharing the "toilet"(read outhouse) were quite embarrassed.  I tried my best to be gracious, as well as acting like it was no big deal. I want to invite them over to our house.. but how without seeming like we're bragging about what we have?

It is times like this I go back to my original epiphany.  The only thing we ever have to offer is Jesus. Our  houses, money, programs, and fanciness are worthless without him.  He is the reason, he is the calling, his is the ultimate relationship.  Nothing compares.

As we continue to navigate this journey; riding full "chicken buses" standing up, using the toilet that doesn't flush (with out paper), visiting those who have to use a bucket to relieve themselves; remember Jesus.

Thank you for walking us on this journey


  1. Yes, the reflection of who Jesus is through us will touch many! Keep your focus on sharing Jesus with everyone.

  2. This is beautiful Spring. You both are doing a great job writing these updates. Thanks for sharing!