Thursday, September 10, 2015

Smashing windows.. all in a day's work

This past Friday Nathanael had a unique opportunity.  He got to help someone break the window of their car with Selah's hammer!  That had to be the first time for him..,  for all of us really.

Nathanael had gone out to get something and both ways he noticed this man trying to get a car opened.  He figured that if someone would be stealing a car, it wouldn't take so long.  Nathanael grabbed Selah's tool set (which did not include something to help get into a car).  They tried for a while, but were unable. As a last resort, the hammer was pulled out and the back window was smashed (by Levi, Nathanael would not smash the window of someone else's car)

In the process, Nathanael got to speak with Levi.  He lives in a village close by.  He has a gathering for children in the village on Saturdays, and at church on Sunday afternoons.  We rode in his taxi (the window was quickly repaired the next morning)

We spent some time with Levi, in his small house he shares with his brothers, rain beating on the roof.  The kids got antsy, and Levi wasn't sure that children would come since it rained.  Three children did come, and we sat to listen to a lesson in Spanish.

He then shared a snack for the children and Nathanael did an impromptu session of charades. The children played "cetch" and we got to ride the taxi home.  The kids love the taxi.. no seat belts, no car seats.. what will they do with themselves when we go back to the US?

Levi is from Belize but spent 6 years in Nicaragua.  His mother is from there.  He had given up everything there to come here and take care of his sick father.  What a blessing it was to meet him.  We could not have orchestrated that meeting if we had tried!

It is exciting when you get to "sit back" and watch what God does.  We are seeing him make connections, and meet people, living in a community and learning from them.