Saturday, September 19, 2015

a crazy week

Monday: Nathanael went to Belize City.  He is still discussing his "job description" for the ministry of education.  He also worked on the spelling bee work with people there. He is helping the ministry of Ed to decide signs for the national Deaf spelling bee. 

Tuesday: was Selah's birthday. She chose to go to the local "bubble tea" restaurant.   The kids all love Bubble tea. :) It is a vegetarian Taiwanese place, so we also had vegetarian dumplings for lunch.

After dinner, we had some friends over to eat cake with us.  It was a really nice evening. We had a impromptu prayer time for the father of the family.  We ended the evening with a game.  Everyone was laughing and enjoying the time spent.  Selah felt loved. 

We also got to "sit in" on the MST meeting that happened in the states. It was good to give an "in person" update (via Skype) and see people!

Wednesday: Nathanael continued his work for the ministry of Ed with the spelling bee.  Abigail and I visited Selena, a woman from the church who just had a baby.  I was slightly concerned about how Abigail would react to their small home.  She did so well, playing with her girls and talking with them.  I only got one picture. 
Thursday: Nathanael finished the spelling bee work (600 words to approve signs for) with some help from friends.   While he was working on this, and the girls were doing school work, Zephaniah and Zion were playing a game where Zephaniah's hands were tied.. or immobilized somehow.
He fell face first (or rather chin first) onto the hard tile floor. Since his hands weren't there to stop him, it was a pretty bad fall.  He already had a healing cut on his chin so I think it simply opened up.  Nancy was able to take us to the local clinic after her morning work.  Ni did well.  They only gave him one stitch.. right in the middle of the wound. That is not how it would have been done in an ER in the us.. but oh well, minimalism is good sometimes ;) The entire bill for the visit 80 Bz dollars (about 40 American) not a bad deal at all!

About an hour after we got home, the bandage fell off. It is so sweaty/sticky here I'm surprised it stayed on that long.  We just have to work a little harder to keep it clean. :)

Friday: Nathanael went to the town's center to interpret for the children's parade and activities.  The parade is part of their Independence celebration. Sunday night at midnight there will be fireworks, followed by a huge parade on Monday.  Nathanael is forcing me to "take the day off" of school on Monday. I tend to want to push through, so that we are done by May.  I will concede that Independence day is a holiday the kids need to learn about.    

There is a picture here of Nathanael on stage. Look under community events, then under Orange Walk Children's Rally

Friday night Bible Study at Nancy's went well. It was Nathanael's first official time of teaching the children, while I attend Bible Study. 

Saturday: we have been taking things easy today.  We are exhausted, and at times overwhelmed.  Sunday we have a lot of activities, we are taking today as our day of rest.  Actually Nathanael took the children out and I am sitting in a quiet house.  I am working on finishing my Emm homework, planning school, and enjoying the silence. 

Some prayer requests:

As things settle here and are less new, we are starting to miss home.  Please pray with us in this transition, that we would give each other the grace we need.

a peace about the school year for me. I am not used to feeling like a pioneer on this journey.  I missed "Homeschool Dedication "night that  happens every year in Franconia, the friends from choir (for my children and myself) and having field trips to attend with other homeschoolers.  This journey is good for us, making us more dependent on Jesus. 

for Nathanael to have a clear decision from the Ministry of Education.  We know things take longer here, but it would be nice to make some decisions we are waiting on. 

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  1. Glad for you Spring that Nathaneal helped you carve out some space for yourself. We enjoyed reading of your family's activities. Well done.

  2. Great update Spring. Thanks for filling us in on life in Belize :-) Glad Zephaniah is okay. Hugs!

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