Monday, July 6, 2015

On becoming a MK or a TCK

Apparently when you are going onto the mission field the most often asked question is "are you excited?" 

To me it seems that this is a similar question to when someone is pregnant asking "How do you feel?" 

As someone who is not happy with the typical "fine" answer, I find this question perplexing to answer.  Our children have better answers than I do.  Abigail will tell you she's excited but sad to be leaving her friends. 

This transition for my children is a big one.  Although they moved out of their house last year, we didn't move out of the immediate area.  They have had the same friends, and family close to them for their entire lives.  Not only are they changing the environment, they are changing cultures as well.  Things that appear "normal" to us can really be cultural and not related to how we "have to live our lives. 

For instance, toilet paper. My children are going to have to learn and be in the habit of throwing the toilet paper into the trash can.  They are also going to learn not to drink water from the tap, and to keep doors locked. 

My kids are walking into the unknown.  Nathanael and I are too.  I have lived in Mexico (for 8 months) as a single woman on a team.  Nathanael has been in missions, with the longest being to China for a month.  We all anticipate the journey that God has us on.  At the same time, we do not know what lies ahead for us. 

We are so thankful for those who have joined with us in this journey!  Thank you for your prayers and support.  As a mom I'm working on processing my own emotions and how to help my children through theirs. 

If you are thinking or praying for our family, want to know how to help, or are interested in this journey, here are some resources I have appreciated :)

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