Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Belize Reunion a chance to get excited!

A few weeks ago Nathanael preached at First Deaf Mennonite Church.  (their interm pastor was on vacation)  He had the opportunity also because of a friend to share about our trip to Belize with the hearing church that meets at the same building Witmer Heights.  After the service, Nathanael met Mim Eberly. 

She had been a missionary in Belize and while she was there, trained as a Midwife.  Even though we haven't spent much time in Belize (yet) she actually invited us to come to the Belize Reunion!

We got to meet a group of wonderful people.  Some were native Belizeans, some were missionaries in Belize and there was a family who lives in Spanish Lookout

We shared a meal and fellowshipped afterwards.  There was a time that one of the older missionaries encouraged others. He reminded us that we don't always know the influence we have at the time. People stood up and thanked the former missionaries.  The former missionaries thanked the Belzeans for their welcoming attitude and willingness.   

Nathanael and I truly felt humbled and encouraged.  We are not going into this alone. So many have gone before us, and are praying for us.  Please continue to walk with us in this journey!

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