Friday, June 12, 2015

Despierta Mujer!

From May 28-June 1, I (Spring) went with a team to  Monte MarĂ­a.  

I went with my mentor Shirley Hackman and her husband Joel.  
 We were able to spend some time with some awesome women from the church.  We met in the airport.  I was very nervous! I hadn't spoken spanish in a long time and I know my grammar isn't what it should be.  In the airport, Shirley helped dissipate the nervousness by admitting what we all felt.. we are worried about how we sound. As we all tried to communicate (some people accomplishing more than others) it formed a bond of commonness. (Joel btw does speak excellent Spanish, I am referring to the rest of the women in the group :) )

  We respectively tried out our Spanish or English.  We smiled, nodded and waited. We formed bonds of mutual trust and excitement.

Friday night we got together to "teach" the Mexican women to make pies.  The funniest thing to me is it was my first time as well.  Beth and Rhoda from Perkiomenville Mennonite did an excellent job of directing and helping.  I mostly read the back of the pumpkin pie can!  The pies tasted well and fun was had all around! 

We spend the next two days at a women's meeting.  If you want to see more (and better pictures than I took) look here:  I have to admit this was the first time ever I've felt like royalty!  These women did such a good job serving and helping.  It is awesome to see someone function in their calling. Beyond that it is great to come along and encourage them.  What you have is valuable, what God has called you to is important, you have something to offer!  I am not in this position often and it was humbling.  
The theme of the retreat was surrounded around Deborah and her calling to wake up!  What a call it is on each and every person's life.  I saw the pastors and really every woman serving the congresso call these women to a place of realizing their own value.  

One last side note, I stayed in the church guest house.  I was able to meet and stay with one of the speakers.  She brought her intercessor who is also an excellent cook!   Fatima would not even let me wash the dishes after breakfast :)  What a huge blessing.  

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