Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A life of service

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While dropping off a meal for a friend, her son was insistent on giving me 50 cents towards us going to Belize.  I was blown away.  Here is a child who has a mother struggling with cancer and he wanted to bless us!  What a call to service that was.  For me it was a reminder that all I have is "good enough" to bless someone else. 

It was also a reminder to give even when it "hurts" or when I am hurting.  Being a blessing to others is a lifetime calling.  I hope I am able to serve in the way this woman's son did.  May it deepen the call in our own lives.

Last week we finished school.  The children (and I) are delighted!  :)  Now on to packing, organizing and repairing! 


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