Monday, August 4, 2014

Training and Retreat

Just a few pictures from training and Oasis (retreat)

Training was actually very small.  There were 6 adults the first week, and 11 the second week.  In the second week the children outnumbered the adults (12 children 11 adults)  

Having an intimate group, especially that first week was awesome.  It felt like I really connected with people more because there were so few of us.  

At Oasis, the numbers were much greater (pretty much all of the missionaries on furlough were there) and there were some people I didn't get to meet due to circumstances.  Oasis was really nice we got to connect with others and my kids really enjoyed meeting other missionary kids.  For them I think it was helpful to not feel so alone.  

We also got the chance to meet Galen and Phyllis Groff, the couple that will be our regional representatives in Belize.  It was nice to connect with them in person instead of skype.  It was also so cool to see their heart for us and for our children.  I think we are off to a good start :)  

A great surprise to me  is we were "adopted" by members of local congregations for Oasis.  Each of us got a "care" bag, with fun things in them.  Mine had chocolate and books.. won me over right away! 

These were just a small  smattering of pictures and happenings.  Don't let them mislead you though, we actually spent most of our training inside in a classroom setting (but who wants pictures of that!) 
Some of the awesome people who took care of our kids while we were in class (and Troy photobombing!) 

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