Friday, August 8, 2014

Goschenhoppen Folk festival

Today I won't post about visiting a church, about Belize, training, or Oasis.

We spent some time today at the Goschehoppin Folk Festival.  A and S were a little reluctant to go, especially because for me this is counting as a school day.  In the end I believe they had a lot of fun.

We learned a lot about what life would have been like 100 and even 200 years ago.  

It was interesting to think about how much was required of children, mostly due to needing help to survive

Our kids got to try their hand at washing, shelling peas, explored a garden, spoke with shoemakers, tanners, wheel-builders, gunsmiths,farmers, and play games.
I am hoping they learned that kids were much more easily entertained years ago

One thing I didn't think about was catching up with old friends. We saw a few old friends.  Here is Nathanel talking with my former teacher: Harry Ansalmo, who retired this year after 27 years of teaching.  Nathanael remided me today that I'm a part of his legacy.  What an honorable position to hold!  He believed in and encouraged me.  It was very good to see him again.  

As a fun closing picture.. all of the kids loved rubbing their hands on the lemon balm in the garden.  Abigail and Selah decided they should put their whole head in to get the smell on them ;)  

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