Monday, July 14, 2014

Global Fair

About a year ago as we were in the appointment process, we attended Global Fair for the first time.  It was so neat to talk to other missionaries  and connect with their visions.

This year we got our own table :)  It was a bit intimidating.  I wasn't sure what to use to explain our mission.  What we did was "simulate" deafness by putting ear plugs in and using ear muffs. While we really can't get close to explaining the deaf experience, I think it opened people's awareness. 

We were able to talk about what communication with deaf looks like(even if you don't know ASL).  We also were able to highlight that deaf people are one of the most unreached people groups.  Finally I printed out the British Sign Alphabet and the American Sign Alphabet, having them side by side.  I used this to explain that sign language is NOT universal.  Even though the British speak English like us, their signs are significantly different. 

We really had fun connecting with others and sharing our vision.  We look forward to continuing to do that through different venues as we finish raising our support. 

as a side note:  THANK YOU  I feel that we don't "say" that enough.  As we are starting in missions we realize that we "stand on the backs" of so many: helpers, prayer warriors
, supporters.  These people help us carry the vision God has given us. I am working on thank you notes, but for now I just wanted to make it clear how thankful and indebted to you we are. 


  1. That looks very informative. Looks like it was a great demonstration; of course nothing can come close to communicating the deaf experience, but this is probably a great way to show how important your work is.