Tuesday, July 8, 2014

34% and Counting...an Update

Wow! We just came off of sharing our vision at about 18 different places.  It was a great time of growth, but tiring.  The best thing though was being able to connect with people from so many different places.  We have a few more opportunities lined up and hope to set up new opportunities for the coming weeks.

God has blessed us by providing 34% of the needed funds to go to Belize.  Our goal is to go in August in order to make it in time for me (Nathanael) to work in the school interpreting for the Deaf.  This is extremely important, because there is no one else at present to fill this roll.  If there is no one to fill this roll then the Deaf I am to interpret for receive no education.

At the same time we really want to seek what God's will is for us as a family.

I will leave you with the video from the girl's day camp this week. It challenged me to "go vertical".  For me that means praying "God sized" prayers (ones that only God can answer)

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