Friday, November 15, 2013

MST meeting

Last night we had a meeting with our MST. Some members were missing and some positions haven't been filled yet, but we were thankful for the people who came.

It was very encouraging to be surrounded by people who believe in our vision and calling.  People who are excited about standing with us on this journey.

At the same time it was unnerving. We went over and approved the budget.  This is the final step before we start fundraising...a step closer to leaving for Belize.  The most interesting thing about this process for me is nothing was really decided by me: the budget is decided by EMM, the timing is based on the needs in Belize, and when we are able to raise 100% of the budget.

This is a scary process, stepping into the unknown.  It's not just stepping into the unknown for Nathanael and I but our children as well.  By walking into this calling we are forever altering their lives (hopefully for the good)  I do realize that many of the decisions we make, even sometimes lightly do alter their lives, this one just seems "extra big"

Please be praying especially that we find a team leader. This role is so vital, and as the MST coordinator stated, without the roles filled, we are like a bucket with holes in it.

If you are interested in what a MST does or how it works here's a link:

and because I want a good team:

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