Saturday, November 23, 2013

it's official and other such stuff

While our support letter is still in the works, we are officially in the "support raising" part of our trip to Belize.  This part is the most uncomfortable for me.  I have already seen that in this process of going, God has stretched me, and I expect that to continue.

I worked at Esperanza, and began to see the value in having supporters. In fact right now,  we support Esperanza every month. For one it causes people to think and pray about you more often.  It brings both parties to their knees; a reminder to the supporter to pray, and the one in need to ask of God and trust his provision.

Giving support also makes you feel involved in something greater than yourself. It is amazing to see what God does with willing people.

Finally over the past few years I have learned that giving generously often involves giving to the point of being uncomfortable.  For the longest time I had the idea that I would give of my "extra". Living in a self centered, materialistic culture has made me think some of my wants are needs. Truth be told, we have been stretched, but always had bread on the table and money to pay the bills

I am doing my best to realize it isn't my job to go out and beg people for money.  I share his vision, he stirs hearts.

Ps the proofs have been sent to the publisher we should have prayer cards soon :)

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