Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Saying goodbye to Nicole

 This is a difficult post to type. Honestly when "ministry outcomes" or medical outcomes don't happen the way I would hope, it is very difficult.  We have known Nicole for a while. She lives in Sand Hill outside of Belize City. She sporadically came to Jesus Deaf Church.  Us moving to Spanish Lookout was a huge benefit to her. On the way from Spanish Lookout to Orange Walk (which Nathanael travels every week) we were able to pick her up. She became a regular church attendee.  

She and her boyfriend enjoyed attendance. They both came in October and then January to the Kidz Konnect trips.  Unfortunately, Nicole wasn't privy to much of her medical background. It took two trips and meeting with her family for me to get some of an idea of what was going on with her.  As I was gaining a small understanding, navigating what tests we should have her complete, Nicole entered the hospital. We knew she was sick. I didn't realize that she would never leave the hospital alive.

The benefit of Nicole's funeral was that we were able to work with the KG church (conservative Mennonites).  This is only the second time this has been possible.  Nicole's family asked that Nathanael conduct the service.  The people at CDI (Cayo Deaf Institue) provided intpereting along with Marta Lowen.  Several people in the service were able to direct people to the saving grace of Jesus. I hope and pray that their words reached the people who needed to hear them. 

Marta's brother and sister in law just "happened" to be in Belize (they had moved to Canada). It was so sweet to meet them. We are thankful they were able to attend the wedding. He had known Nicole well.

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