Monday, July 24, 2023

Saying goodbye and see you later

 I just can't get the song from the Muppet movie out of my head.  As I was leafing through pictures on Google photos the next "event" that happened in our lives was the Groff family departure.  They left for language training then sabbatical at the beginning of March.  The last event we did together (that Nathanael was unable to attend) was a Superbowl party at the Zittle household.  

a not so flattering photo of Julie Groff and I at the EMM event.  We were next to each other and didn't talk much (July 2015)

We know that there is no guarantee of our next day no matter where we live.  That being said we geared up for the change that happened and is happening.  In July of 2022, TJ left for a gap year in the US.  (just as we were arriving in Belize). This meant we experience the change immediately. We have been spending time as families together since 2017. It felt like a part of "us" was missing.

Zion, Selah, Simeon Tim and Ni hang out in Orange Walk

The Groff family is scheduled to return to Belize in January of 2024.  Simeon will be staying in the US to finish his senior year. We are excited about what God is doing in their family.  Navigating transitions is difficult.  We also are subtly aware that our two oldest girls are on the pathways to leave the home soon as well.  As plans aren't totally firm for either one, we will wait to share any news on this front.

Selah,Gabe and Simeon play Splendor April 2018

We went to Bacalar for Christmas December 2018

Traveling to Guatemala together and crossing the border 2018

Enjoying swimming over Christmas 2018

Playing 4 on a couch

We saw a movie together in Belize city Dec 2020

Thanksgiving November 2020

Selah's birthday September 2022 (Selah, Gabe, Julie, Tim, Ni, and Spring)

New years as families December 2022

Instead I will leave you with pictures through the years of our time with the Groff family.  

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