Monday, December 3, 2018

Finding a better way

Nathanael took a Statistics class this fall.  In his "spare time," he is working towards his bachelor's degree. He has one class left, we are all so proud of him.

Zion peeling veggies for Friday night

For his class project, he was to collect life applicable statistics.  Nathanael decided to research the eating habits of the people we work with.  The research was astounding to me.  Most of the people he asked admitted to never eating fruit or vegetables.
Fun Friday night

The main issue for people sums it up to have cost. A lot of healthy foods cost more. In addition, they often aren't filling.  One can buy a plate of rice and beans for 7$ (which includes rice and beans, stewed chicken and coleslaw as the veggie) Buying vegetables is just as expensive or more and it doesn't fill the stomach.
Wednesday Ladies night after eating Taco salad. We played Apples to Apples pictures

We struggled with what this could look like for us. We aren't equipped to be a feeding program. We decided to initiate change in the way we can.

Geneli and Elizani on a Friday night. Chicken Chili is a hit!

We have chosen to use veggies on Friday nights instead of high-calorie non-nutritive snacks.  Both the adults and the children are given veggies. The children are also fed a meal of chili or dirty rice. Wednesdays we changed the menu also. We had been feeding hot dogs. This past month we did taco salad. (we repeat the meal weekly for a month since it's a different group of people that comes each week). We are open to different suggestions. Since most Belizeans eat rice and beans just about every day, we aren't too worried about variety.

Nathanael peeling oranges

Sundays Nathanael thought the best solution would be oranges and bananas.  Oranges are not easy to peel here. They require a knife to peel. We aren't that talented at it. Nathanael asked people how to do it. Next, he's been practicing weekly. In no time he'll have it down to a science.

Thanks for learning a little more about our quest!


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