Friday, June 8, 2018

The Harvest is pleantiful

When we went to CTEN for training, I was told not to applogize for waiting so long for another blog post/ newsletter. My life has felt like I've been running since my trip to Dangriga. I am hoping to get into a regular "groove" again soon, but it won't happen this week.  Why you ask? Truth is I'm saving that for a different blog post (perhaps the level of suspense creates a readership?) This has been on my heart for a while so here we go:

I have mentioned the Spanish Church we attend: Koinonia a few times on the blog. I just "happened" upon the church as I was looking at Google Maps one night. Nathanael established a contact through Facebook. Pastor Ed returned the message promptly and they met.

The kids graduation after finishing the curriculum from samaritan's purse

The rest is "history". Koinonia is a church that has a passion for Children's ministry. They actually started as a children's ministry and the parents were coming so they could go to church.  We are thankful for the community we are finding through them.  I really can't praise them enough.

Spring was asked to pray over the children on a Sunday afternoon

One humbling thing they do that I probably mentioned is prayer. They pray every week for the pastors, children, and us. They bring us up every single week and pray over us. I can't tell you how uplifting that is.

Abigail went with the youth group to visit some Maya Ruins

They also have stepped into helping us.  They committed to coming once a month to work with the children in Sunday school.
Pastor Ed and his wife Dyna at the Sweetheart banquet in Feb

During April, they came while I was in Dangriga. They came in May while I was there. It was wonderful. I had an opportunity to observe Nathanael. It is also a great time for me to work on learning ASL, something I haven't been able to focus on this term.

Abigail participated in a drama at a local high school with Koinonia

The kids weren't just taken care of, or entertained. The teachers from Koinonia had a whole lesson planned out. The kids learned a dance, a verse and Biblical truths.

Why am I mentioning this in our blog?  A seemingly little thing, has made a huge difference.
We haven't found a homeschool helper yet.  I blame myself for not being clear that the person will have to raise their own funds.

Carla prays over our family on a Sunday afternoon

I am asking you to see the fields ripe for harvest and pray for workers, specifically for us. Nathanael and I can do this work alone. Nancy did it.  I don't believe that is how God would have us do it though.  We really feel that another individual or family would really benefit the community. We wouldn't be stretched so thin.  We are thankful for the support (unexpected) of Koinonia, but realize they are also entrenched in their own ministry.
Nathanael Preaching while I was in Church

So please pray with us. For someone. The harvest is plentiful and the workers are few


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