Friday, June 22, 2018

Spring's sister visits

a visit to Maya Ruins (Altun Ha)

The busyness continued. I know you thought the Mexico trip was "it". I actually arrived in Belize Sunday night (at about 12 am). Monday at 11am, we picked up Summer from the airport. It felt like a wirlwind of emotions. How awesome to see my family after 9 months!  It took much emailing, planning, and messaging on all of our parts to make this happen. It was nice to hug the person instead of staring at a computer screen.
We had to get this picture! Emily, Summer, Mackenzie, and Isaac

Summer and Isaac and their daughters Emily and Mackenzie spent 10 lovely days with us.
We were able to do toursity things with them. They even funded us to go on vacation with them to one of the islands.
Snorkling while on the island, seeing nurse sharks

We spend a lot of time just enjoying catching up. We talked and supervised children.  We learned a lot more than one can learn from a one hour Skype chat.

A visit to the place that serves Bubble Tea, and Monopoly Deal

I contracted a stomach bug. It was probably the sickest I have been... in a long time. I went to the local clinic for fluids. Fortunately since I live here, lying around felt like vacation enough.(and I did end up having to lay around a lot)

2 hours, 3 liters of fluids, and I felt much better! 

Summer's family got to do weekend activities with us. It was nice to let them into a little part of our world.

Friends had ALL of us over Sunday night. We enjoyed Fry Jack and fellowship

We are so thankful to have had my family visit. It was so difficult to say goodbye! (more on that next blog) We hope they enjoyed the "taste" of our lives.

A visit to an Iguana sanctuary. 

Nathanael took on two iguanas at the same time

Hope you all have a lovely week,

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