Saturday, April 28, 2018

Another sucessful trip!

I should have been "on the ball" and scheduled a post to be posted when we left, I just wasn't. 3:30 am is just an awful time for anyone to wake up. For anyone familiar with our pattern, yes it was time for Kids Konnect!  This time Selah and I took the trek to Dangriga on the bus. I was better prepared and we had jackets for the time on the bus with the AC.  We both attempted sleep but it just didn't happen.

Upon arrival we got to spend some time with the Groff family. It was nice to catch up with them. Selah was disappointed because their boys were in school.

This trip had me spending my first day as one of 3 experienced Kids Konnect participants. The rest of our team were "newbies" .  I had different responsibilities in that I was asked to make sure things ran smoothly. I wasn't sure I could pull that off, but the team was so fantastic,  my job was mostly triage.

Of course we did have a conversation about warm vs cold culture. People come to see the doctor, but our main goal is to reach them with the love of Jesus. What I appreciate about Kids Konnect, is they are also warm culture in their approach. One is encouraged to take the time they need to talk, pray and encourage the person in front of them. This means that often there is a wait for care. Most Belizeans don't have an issue with this. The Americans may though. We all spend time learning and I appreciate that.

We had the privilege of working with nursing students from Indiana. Their hard work and dedication was an inspiration.

 Of course we also enjoyed the company of some "old favorites" those who come every time or several different times.  It is just a joy to serve alongside both the short term team, and the long term missionaries.

\Selah thrived in this setting. She enjoys being a part of the mission, as well as having some responsibilities.  I am not sure the polite Southerners appreciated her take charge attitude. Selah could learn a thing or two about southern respect.

When all is said and done we are thankful for another time we could serve with the Kids Konnect community!

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