Friday, March 9, 2018

Help Wanted

I really loved the verse that came up in my prayer app. It re-iterated for me the desire I had for the blog post this week.

We did write about our need in the newsletter. I thought it would be good to have a blog post as well.  We are thinking and praying about next school year. As we approach that year, I realized that it would be extremely helpful to have a "homeschool helper" here for the school year.  While it is possible to do it all, (I am doing it) it would be great to have someone along in the process.  It would allow me to spend some more time in language study and ministry.

What we are looking for:

Someone to commit to a school year of working with us We have no particular age or gender in mind.  You would be responsible for 3 days of school. There are also opportunities to work in the church, and with other ministries in  our area. Most of all someone to walk alongside us and our kids!

So we are praying, perhaps for you.

We would love to discuss this more with any interested party.

Please feel free to share this blog post to those you know who would be interested, and pray with us for the position to be filled.

Thanks so much


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