Friday, December 23, 2016

We are thankful!

What have the Davis family been up to this past month? I just know you are wondering...
We have shown up in many places!
We have shared our vision at some churches including: Line Lexington Mennonite, Hopewell, Rockhill Mennonite, Fredrick Mennonite and Finland Mennonite.

At Finland, Nathanael had the opportunity to participate in interpreting worship. My brother Mark was leading so that made the experience extra awesome. Here is a short video:

The children are a part of a homeschool choir. They practice weekly. The past 2 weeks was their annual Christmas concerts. Here are some pictures:

We are truly enjoying the Christmas Season in Pa. I personally am loving just cuddling under covers to find a warm place. 

We have a newsletter in the works which should be arriving in your mailboxes shortly. Thanks so much for all of the support, prayers, and love we have felt this past year!

God Bless your family this Christmas season! 

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  1. Thanks Spring! I was not able to attend that Sunday you were at Finland.