Monday, November 7, 2016

A short visit and mission trip

I know I said a while ago that I am adjusting to the difference of schedule here. In Belize I personally was very busy at home. It was mostly that the housework was more demanding. Here it has been activities demanding our time. Sometimes it still feels like we are "finding our feet".

Recently, I started counting "one, two, tree" Why you ask? My mom and I did a quick 6 day trip to Belize 2 weeks ago. That's right I am behind.

We left from the Allentown airport. What an experience it was to arrive early at the airport, and not have anyone behind the checkout counter. The flights went well and we arrived in Belize city at about 12pm local time. Our friend picked us up from the airport and drove us to Orange Walk (about an hour). Getting in the car and driving was my mother's first cross cultural experience. I will let her relate the details to you!

Our time in Orange Walk was limited to less than 24 hours. We spent the time as wisely as we could. We ate meals with friends, walked around town a little, and met for breakfast with Nancy before we left.  People wished we could have stayed longer. I did as well. When our meeting with Nancy was completed, we were driven to the airport.  We few from Belize City to Dangriga, the first time I've done that as a flight rather than a bus trip. (we just didn't have the time for the bus)

The next 4 days were a blur of being at Kids Konnect's camp Legacy and serving with them. This was the first time that I worked in the pharmacy. I knew that it was one of the most intense jobs. I was unaware of what exactly it involved until mom and I did it. I was stretched.
The job involved checking medications before they were given to patients. I also gave instructions to the patients. It was especially challenging to note that in practice I've mostly worked with pediatrics. We give a lot of diabetic and blood pressure medications. 

I did a lot of praying as I gave medications. 
Here is my mom working at Red Cross in Dangriga

The final day which is always at a church (Light of the Valley) I was allowed to go back to triage. It was nice to be in my comfort zone again. I also felt like I had more one on one time with the patients. Both jobs are integral to being a part of Kids Konnect. It was a good thing to get out of my comfort zone, and go where the need was.  

I loved that my mom was able to experience Belize with me. She was a trooper and took things as they came. I also loved that she got to meet some of the people who were important to us over the last year. I also working beside her, something I have never done. 

This being my third trip with Kids Konnect, some things felt comfortable and familiar. It was good to see the same patients, pray with them and connect. I honor what Kids Konnect 4 Jesus does in Dangriga and surrounding areas. It is a privilege to work with them. I just love meeting patients, as well as the people who come to serve. It was also a challenge getting out of my comfort zone and serving in a different way.

As a family we continue to adjust to being in the US, and work on our fundraising focus. We would love for opportunities to share our vision with you. 

Nathanael and I were both on missions trips in the past 2 months. We wanted to be clear that the money for our trips came out of our personal offerings. We did not use the funding for our long term time in Belize. 

Thank you again for your prayers and walking with us on this journey! 
The Davis Family

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