Sunday, April 16, 2023

The stories pictures tell

 I am finally sitting down to do something I love: digital scrapbooking. It started as a "need". I used it as a platform to make a picture portfolio for homeschooling.  Through the years I've done it on my days off while "binging" whatever show I felt like it.  The scrapbooks, my days of rest, and blogging had been set aside as we went through the huge transition of the past year and a half.  

one of the last times we met at our old house in Orange Walk

Looking at the pictures, I realize there are many stories I would like to share. Stories that take up too many words and space for newsletters, Instagram posts or prayer emails.  I am going to make a valiant effort in the next few weeks to tell some of the stories that the pictures convey.  It may end up looking like too many blog posts at once. My greatest desire is that they would be told instead of sitting just as pictures. The cool thing is we will still be able to access the blog later. To that end, it is of little importance how many posts I work on in a small amount of time. 

Our old kitchen sink loaded on our pastor friend's truck

The first story, if I am looking in chronological order of our pictures is one of  moving.  Many if not all of you know that from June of 2021, our family had a long period of transition. Things we didn't expect compelled us to stay longer in the states and move our "home base" from Orange Walk to Spanish Lookout.  February 2023 concluded that period.  I came with Nathanael to Orange walk to empty our house of a few last things in the end of January.  

One of the last things we did before leaving our Orange walk home was have a tea party with our friends (Abi, Heidi and Zion are sitting at their house)

I snapped a picture of the sink that a pastor from Belize Evangelical Mennonite Churches took. It was the sink I used for 4 and a half years. The one where the Formica was pealing and made a dear family member say we "live in squalor". The issue was that without completely replacing the sink and cabenit, duct tape held it together.  I asked the pastor what he was doing with the sink. His reply was it will sit in the bush as a sort of shelf.  It validated me a bit, thinking that really it wasn't good for everyday use and should have been disposed of years ago.

We enjoyed the sunset at the park behind our house over Christmas break

The following weekend, our good friends the Groff boys went to Orange Walk. They helped move the last of the heavy items.  It was a bit disheartening as I watched them clean and paint our old home. Our memories and family life swept away with a new layer of paint.  

Abi hangs out with Ava
At the same time it came with a finality.  We are officially moved both into Spanish Lookout, and the church to their own land in Orange Walk.  We are able to find our feet, our schedule and structure.  On the other end I am realizing I needed so much grace in the process, and honestly I didn't give myself enough.  Perhaps that should be a reminder and a warning to me. Transition is hard both emotionally and physically.  Grace is needed for ourselves outwardly (from you) and within our family.  

Zephaniah (Pip), Zion (Marsmello), Selah (Ava), Abi (Oso)

We have established routines in both ministry and family life.  We have had opportunities to be involved in the community at large in Spanish Lookout as well as with Fountain of Life church.  It has been a huge blessing to us, bringing stability.  

Our house from the lane. We only live in the top part

While I would not say that everything has fully transitioned, I would say we are finally finding home in our new location.  We are thankful. 

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