Wednesday, January 20, 2021

2021 comes with little fanfare

First the news: in a modified confusing quarantine. Two districts (with the current least COVID cases) aren't allowed to travel within the country; Orange Walk being one of them. This started December 20th, and under new administration, we are unsure of when it will end. We also have a curfew of 8pm-5am.  This restricts our ability to have Friday night Bible Studies. 

Jeimmy leads a devotional for two women, during a house visit

In place of Bible study, more home visits are happening. Jeimmy as a Salvadorian has natural experience and stamina which helps motivate Nathanael and I. 

Normal busy Friday night with the kids (spring's job) Jaziel and Brianny create chaos ;) 

What we did during December:

Gianny was tasked with making flood icing. To her detriment, our powdered sugar was quite chunky! 

Over the Christmas holiday, we invited 2 friends over (we were unable to have more than 3 people over due to restrictions and one said no). Cookies were decorated, and baked.  

This was a Friday night prepping the same treats to share with the Bible study kids as well as church that night,  in between this picture and our cookie party, Covid restrictions changed. 

They were packed with pretzel treats (We special ordered the flat pretzels to make this treat:) and Hershey kisses.  

Zion and Adrene put the m&m's onto the melted kisses. another reason we are thankful for Harvest Aviation, who made it possible for us to share this treat with our Belizean friends

Nathanael shopped for some Belizean staples (rice, beans, flour) and delivered them to the villages. Apparently the most exciting part of their visits was the cookies. I will not attest to the quality, but one of our visitors stated "it looks like 3 year old's made them!" oh well we are learning...hopefully next year we'll improve our "flood cookie" game! 

Krystal and Jeimmy stop at Selena's house. Selena is Deaf and has 5 children

Misael and Jeimmy stop by Alma's house to bless her family with staples and cookies

Ringing in the New Year involved watching Star Wars, eating snacks, and traveling to the roof for fireworks at 12am.  It was the lest spectacular NYE party we have had.. ever! We are thankful to have been together, and anticipate God's goodness in the coming year.

I made whoopie pies, Jeimmy got her first taste of a whoopie pie She liked it despite the face she is making

One final small note, I was privileged to be interviewed in Revelation Wellness for their end of the year giving project. If you would like to listen, here is the link. (obviously downloadable on any podcast apps, the podcast number is 527)



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