Saturday, April 18, 2020

A time to celebrate

Amid the Chaos that has become common-place, It seemed appropriate to shed some light on more happy subjects.

While there is a nice little "ditty" in the newsletter, I wanted to give you a bigger picture of Elmer and Elizanie's wedding.  

After returning from furlough to Elizanie giving birth to Brieany; Nathanael, Elizanie and Elmer talked about making their relationship permanent.  It may look simple on paper but this wasn't the case in real life. They had to meet and discuss commitment. They worked through questions for Christian couples prior to marriage.  Finally they chose the date of Feb 8.

Koinonia gracefully allowed us to use the building. A wonderful woman, Eve helped Nathanael and Elmer decorate.  A couple from Grace Mennonite gave some money to Elizanie and Elmer for their wedding.  Selah made (one of) the wedding cakes.  

The ceremony was lovely. It was Nathanael's first wedding to officiate. Mrs Mesh interpreted from ASL into Spanish, an symbol of the multilingual culture we have the privileged of being a part of.

For their honeymoon, Elmer and Elizanie were nervous about leaving Brieany. Instead they stayed overnight in Orange Walk, visited her and took day trips.  Where did Brieany stay  you ask? At our house, more specifically in Nathanael's and my bed. She slept fine. She did wake a bit early. It was me, nervous about a baby in bed with me; that settled into a fitful sleep.  I was delighted to send her home after 3 days.  

As a side note, we discovered that the cheap diapers they had been using don't hold up at night.  I asked Elizanie what she does and she told me she puts plastic on the bed.  That day I went out and got some Huggies night diapers.  I may not have slept better but I wasn't sleeping in urine!  We have been giving them night diapers as they come to church. 

There was some non-wedding related stress. I was changing for the wedding and placed my glasses on the window ledge in the bathroom at Koinonia. I released my glasses and immediately realized my error. I had actually deposited the glasses into a hole in the cement block which ran 5 feet or so down. Rodel, who lives at the church, bent a hanger and got them out for me.!

Thanks so much and we anticipate this brightened your day a bit.

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