Saturday, December 7, 2019

opening our home to guests

We have been so blessed this summer and into fall. After returning from furlough, we had a number of visitors.

Out for ice cream and watching a Bible Study in ASL

 Interestingly enough, I have been praying for helpers for over a year.  Tim Groff introduced us to a lovely young woman, Sarah. She finished her time in Vida 220. She is looking to see what her next steps will be. She is Belizean, which means a big part of her working with us will be easier. She knows her way around, she can have a job, etc.  Please pray with Sarah in the decisions she has to make.

Sarah did some homeschooling with the Davis kids

After we had Sarah and her friend Lydia, we were visited by the Charles family. Luke and Sherelle came with their 3 children: Caedmon, Derick, and Corrie.

The Charles Family

 The family joined in ministry with us in the community.
Luke helped with the kids while I stayed in Bible Study, a rare treat!

They were also kind enough to take us on a 3-day excursion visiting tourist attractions in Southern Belize. What a blessing to share in serving in this way!

Sherelle stepped into a lot of Deaf ministry

Carissa, a senior at Dock Academy arrived for her senior experience. I was extra thankful that she came during this time.  At the beginning of her time, Zion and I were at Kidz Konnect. (She braved a 4-hour van ride each way to help bring some from our church to the doctors).  We adopted her as our fifth child for 2 weeks. We really feel like having her was a positive experience.

Carissa riding in the back of the minivan home from Kidz Konnect

Carissa stayed 2 days after I had to leave for my Revelation Wellness training retreat. Those days were weekend days, full and intense.  It was a blessing to have Carissa help when I couldn't.  Thanks, Carissa for all of your assistance, and love.

Carissa had a youth night they made bagel pizzas

A week before Thanksgiving my parents and brother visited.
The token "Belize sign" picture with my parents and brother

It was my father and brother's first international trip.  It was a joy to share our lives with them. The previous two times my mother visited were dictated by other activities: Kidz Konnect in October 2016 and Abigail's quince in May 2019. 
Walking in a cave 

We found it helpful to be able to have a schedule based solely on our activities.  They also were able to take us to a few favorite places in Southern Belize. My parents insisted on helping around the house which included helping fix screens in our home. That was awesome since it was Six days felt like such a quick trip. We hope now that my dad and brother have their passports they are able to come and visit again. 
They participated in drama Sunday

This week rounded out our time of visitors. We had Two couples a day apart.  One couple were missionaries in Orange Walk 30 years ago.  The other couple was Kathy who lived here (in our apartment) to interpret for Sulmi.  Kathy brought fun games, including cup stacking which has since been a huge hit in the Davis household and Jesus Deaf Church.

Kathy with the youth that came to game night

While not a "full" explanation of our busy lives, perhaps there is a greater understanding of what we have been up to the past few months!  We feel beyond blessed to have had visitors.


  1. You've been busy!

    Is it hard to keep the normal flow of school with so many visitors coming through or does it help the kids break up the school schedule?

    Where is that picture on the beach with the Charles family? That looks like a lovely beach.

    Miss you!

  2. Isaac! We miss you too! I really thought I had replied apparently not. It was a bit disrupting to have people coming with our school schedule, but that is part of the reason we homeschool :) Some of the guests were able to help/come alongside our kids!

    The picture at the beach is at The pelican, a resort in Dangriga. They have a very nice restaurant there. Our friends who live in Dangriga go and get a milkshake so they can swim at the beach. :) Come visit, we'll take you there! (it's about a 4 hour drive)

  3. It was a blessing and a pleasure working with you guys even if it was just for a short your kids ... thank you once again for the opportunity to see what you guys are doing for my country... I'll be praying for you guys.