Thursday, May 30, 2019

a cultural celebration

If you are friends with Abigail on Facebook, this post isn't really a surprise to you. This past weekend, May 18th we celebrated Abigail "coming of age" through a fiesta de quinceaƱera.
The court for the quince: (l-r) Zephaniah, Jose, Alexander, Benji, Misael, Timothy, Abigail, Giani, Selah, Morene, Sasha, Zion

Last year Selah was able to be a part of Bethsy's and that was when Abigail decided she wanted one. It came with much discussion. 

Bethsy's Quince

I struggle because I am not one to plan details. Thankfully, Selah took up the reigns there. If you are wondering what a quince is here is a good short video on it:

I debated it but to be honest the idea of celebrating a child and dedicating them to the Lord as they are coming into adulthood was meaningful. I don't at all think it's a be all end all. As a teen, I got to attend a Barmitzvah. In some ways, a quince is the Christian form of this Jewish tradition. I do think honoring a child in this way can be significant. The real blessing to us came in that so many people came around us and helped make the day possible.

Abigail and Nathanael did a Father/daughter dance. Sorry about the photography. I had issues with the phone

Glendy was Abigail's madrina (godmother) and on top of it she planned all of the dances. Eve did all of the awesome decorations. Hermana Blanca and many other ladies in the church made the food. Pastor Ed and Dyna helped out with planning, renting tables and the sermon. Elizanie, my mom and Julie Groff were able to read verses to Abigail. Tim Groff took photos. Tanya helped with doing hair and opened her house to multiple people walking in and out all afternoon. Mariana and Rosa were the MC's and interpreted (into Spanish)

Julie and I try to navigate the bow on the back of Abigail's dress

Giani and Misael at practice. The court practiced about 15 hours of dances before the party

Jo interpreted for our church. What a blessing to celebrate and worship together as hearing and Deaf church.

Hector, Abigail and Glendy (the madrina and padrino)

Jose Luis and Zion

We are so thankful to those near and far who came to celebrate Abigail! In fact, my mom (Mary Ruth Ziegler) came down for 6 days surrounding the quince. She not only helped with makeup and washed my dishes, but she also helped complete the painting project that I'd been wanting to do for months now! Nathanael and I talked about her task-oriented nature :) (I do follow in her footsteps!) She didn't once complain about the heat. She and Julie helped put the curls in Abigail's hair. Of course, I just enjoyed being able to see her in person and hug her!
Abigail, Rosa, Mary Ruth, Mariana and Jo up front reading a verse

Benji and Selah

Abigail has set a precedent! We will see what the 2 more quince's we have will look like ;) I did talk a little with Zephaniah about how they really don't have a celebration for males. He said that when he turns 15, Nathanael and Misael will take him out for pizza. Then he wants them to sing happy birthday to him. We have 6 years to think about that. I am thankful at least one kid is thinking of a simple way to celebrate.

worship: the Deaf seating was on the left side of the church

Mary Ruth and Mariana

For now? Selah is already planning her quince!

Misael and Timothy holding Abigail during the dance

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