Wednesday, April 17, 2019

having a target on our backs

I often listen to podcasts while doing work around the house. I started my podcast exploration about 6-8 months ago when a friend had recommended "God Centered Mom" podcast. (the name has now changed to "Don't Mom Alone" but I still highly recommend listening to it!)

peeling potatoes into the yard (our form of a compost pile)

This got me into finding a number of different great podcasts.  I run into a conundrum when listening. I am so "far behind" do I listen to the most recent podcasts or the ones I find the most appealing to me? I currently have 30 some podcasts downloaded on top of being subscribed to 50 different podcasts.  It is a bit overwhelming at times.

Zion and Zephaniah hiking in the bush with Nathanael

All of that last paragraph to say the podcast I was enjoying most recently is from quite a while ago. It was a podcast called Journeywomen.  She was sharing about marriage.  They talked specifically about times and seasons where marriage can be extra difficult. She named things like military families, those in ministry, and missionaries.   The speaker, Carla Weathersbee shared "they walk around with a target on their backs".

Anna agreed to do cornrows in Abigail's hair

This phrase brought me to tears. I commiserate because that has been my experience.  The devil doesn't want us to succeed, especially in marriage. Couples both in Jesus Deaf Church and Koinonia often decide not to get married. We are living examples of marriage and why God calls us to it.

I was attempting to use the fetoscope on Eliaznie but I couldn't get a good heartbeat(moving baby and lack of experience)

In the process of tears and speaking to God, I was also reminded that being a target isn't always a dreadful thing. We are also a direct target for prayer. I could recount to you times when I have physically felt prayers over us. Prayers for peace, prayers for our family and for the ministry.  You play a vital role. Thank you for "aiming" at our target!

Anna tried our bentonite clay mask

This past week, Nathanael had a discussion with one of the guys he is mentoring. There was a question of salvation, and this guy was unsure if he is/wants to be a Christian.  I mulled over that for a while. I started to fast and pray for salvations on Sundays.
Nathanael and Misael play kings

Monday Nathanael took Elizanie to the hospital for an appointment for her pregnancy.  The lab was closed however her heart was open.  After long discussions and spending the day at our house, she decided to give her heart to Jesus. We rejoice with her!!
Elizanie accepted Jesus!  We are so excited!!! 

She brought her boyfriend (and father of their child) the next day. Elmer is open to the gospel but hasn't made a decision yet.

Thank you for making us a target. Thank you for praying for and with us. We need to be in a place of health to minister to others. You are a vital part of this process.

The list of what people are bringing to our Easter service. Please be praying for this as it's our biggest service of the year


  1. Praise God for your faithfulness in His service!

  2. Love that you turned being a target into a good thing....great perspective! Praying for you all and wishing you a Blessed Easter!