Monday, February 25, 2019

A delightful visit

Todd and Liz Miller  visited Belize and Jesus Deaf Church in November 2017. It was a wonderful thing to have them and to have them come and minister to people in the church.
Todd, Anissa, Ty and Judah at a waterfall in southern Belize

Liz was unable come this time. Todd came with his children: Anissa, Ty and Judah.  It was a delight to have them participate and learn a bit more about Belize.

Nathanael, Anna, and Michael waiting at the airport

Friday involved them participating (Todd teaching) in Bible study and with the kids.  Todd was helpful in reminding me that the kids area needs to be a Deaf centered area. I am still trying to navigate this with my limited ASL and the mixing of languages that happens.  I would appreciate any insight on this front.
Todd teaching on Friday night

Saturday people from Jesus Deaf Church, Todd and most of our family visited Maya ruins. Lamaini ruins are Nathanael's favorite and the closest geographically.

Anissa, Judah, Ty and Todd at the Laminai Maya ruins

Sunday we had church. Nathanael preached. I taught Sunday school.
At the top of one of the temples, Miller kids, Davis kids, Misael and Krystal

After church, Selah and I made pupusas. Joanna, a woman from El Salvador and Selah's Spanish language tutor has taught Selah how to make them. (they are a native El Salvadorian food). The Millers enjoyed them. Ty even attempted to make some of his own.
Ty and Selah. Selah is an expert at making puposas

Mon-Wed we got to explore the more Southern parts of Belize with the Millers. We took them on one of our favorite hikes to a beautiful waterfall/swimming hole. We also hiked in a cave, and swam in the "blue hole" (inland blue hole, not the one in the ocean)
good time hiking and swimming at the waterfall

Saying goodbye was difficult.
the blue hole in Stann Creek

Thank you Millers for sharing your time with us!

The last picture together

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