Friday, January 18, 2019

NYE 2018

The New Years eve party was a tradition started by Nancy. It always promises a full house, food and fellowship. This year didn't disappoint.
Nathanael and Misael set up for the party, which involved welding the broken gate

Nathanael had a small devotion.

enjoying the party

We then broke out games and food.

many played Apples to Apples big pictures 

I made chicken chili which is a church favorite. Two instant pots full got eaten!
Chilling outside

The children lit some fireworks.

First family picture of 2019

The church went to the park for the big celebration at 12 am.
In the park at 12 am to ring in the New Year

Nathanael dropped kids off. He arrived home around 2am.  The neighbor got a new sound system which he used. I finally was able to fall asleep at 3:30am with ear plugs and the fan by my head.
Adrene, Selah, Morene and Zion stopped in the park for a picture on their way home

The next day Nathanael drove Moriene and Adrene home. I slept until 11 am. Our friends from Koinonia invited us for lunch. Sandra who came for the party also came. Lunch was a mix of Spanish, ASL and English. What fun. No pork and sauerkraut for us. Dirty rice with chicken was well received!

Dirty rice for the first day of 2019

Apples to Apples pictures really is our "go to" game in situations where there is language mixing.  All 12 people (3 Spanish speaking, one Deaf) were able to enjoy the game together

We enjoyed ringing in the New year.

May your New Year be blessed!

Spring and the Davis family

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