Monday, September 19, 2016

You are going where??!

In case you did not notice, Nathanael "slipped" in prayer requests about some upcoming trips we are taking.  It was subtle, so I figured I'd release the whole story.

About a month ago a friend of a friend contacted me through facebook. Her daughter worked as a counselor at Camp Good News.  She asked about one of us coming to Honduras on a mission trip this September. At first both Nathanael and I bulked at the idea. He is working as an educational interpreter so he really only has 2 days that he can take off during the school year.  We also just were not sure about the timing and the fact that we are raising funds ourselves.

The idea was held loosely in the back of our heads.

Nathanael spent some time praying about it. He then discovered that the student he works with will be taking some days off the next two weeks. Nathanael realized he would have unpaid leave at the same time that the trip to Honduras is happening. He really felt that God was opening doors for this trip to happen.  He will leave this Tuesday, (9/20) and return the following Monday (9/25).

Nathanael will be able to do what he's been able to do a lot of the past year: provide access. He will be interpreting for a Deaf MK.  There is a missionary retreat meeting in Honduras. What a great opportunity for him. Please pray with us this week for him and for the missionaries.

Since I spent the last blog post talking about why we feel called to the Deaf population, I thought I would share some multimedia things to help you greater understand.

National Geographic put out this video on lipreading. It was eye opening for me:

Remember Mandela's funeral? Something similar happened in Peru. A woman allegedly falsified the fact that she knew sign language. Did she?  Watch the video and judge for yourself:

Thanks for reading/watching.

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