Monday, June 20, 2016

We can't do it all!

We are about to fully step into the next portion of our journey.  As we get back from Belize, Nathanael and I both will be walking right into two things.. jobs and fundraising!

We have differing opinions about what we feel about dropping into both of these things so quickly. I can say we are quite thankful that EMM requires missionaries to take a vacation, and that we took ours before jumping right into everything in in "the States"

I am going to take a moment to admit something I've been "hiding" since we have been in Belize.. I have a "house helper"  I have hesitated to admit it.  This is mostly because I think there is a stigma that we are somehow "on vacation" since we lived in a tropical country, this adding to our luxury.

The truth of the matter is that everything took me longer.  Getting drinking water involved loading it onto a bike, walking 1/4 of a mile and returning with full (heavy) 5 gallon containers of water.  Not having a dryer meant every single item of dirty clothes had to be carried up to our washer to get washed, then down the steps, hung up to dry, then folded and put away.  EMM actually has "house helper" in the budget.  When our house helper had her mother die, and was unable to come for 8 weeks, I fell apart. The task of keeping a house was overwhelming.

A few weeks ago, I was reading our old Skype messages.  A friend of ours had sent Nathanael messages in April.  He was talking to us about the fact that many missionaries he knows have had similar trials during fundraising. He reminded us that it is first a spiritual battle.

Our last Sunday school lesson was about how every piece of the armor of God is important.  You can't just depend on one.  The same is true with us.  We have been blessed by living in Belize for a year, serving and working among the Deaf.  We feel called to continue this journey, but we again are unable to do it alone.

In the process of reading the Skype message, I realized that before we even step into fundraising, we need to be asking for prayer. We need to be covering our steps spiritually. We can't go with our armor half on.  We need to expect that the devil will be against the plans of the Lord.  We can't do it alone!

We ask that as we step into this next monumental part of our journey, that you would be praying with and for us.  We are indebted to the prayers of the saints and we covet them!  Thank you so much.  

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