Saturday, April 5, 2014

elation, excitement, overwhelmed

these are just a small summary of the emotions we as a family are going through.  I should be more specific.  These are some of the emotions that I go through sometimes on a daily basis.

Life is a journey, and in some ways, Belize is just a "step" in that journey.  Getting ready to go has also been a step.  Raising support is a step. Sharing our vision is a step.  Preparing my children is a step.  

I guess I imagined that all of my "goodbyes" would happen at the same time, as we boarded the plane.  Reality is that we have already started.  Some of our children's "lasts" have already happened.  

Two weeks ago Zion and Zephaniah had their last music class.  We have been attending music classes since Zephaniah was "womb bound".  He was born in between semesters, and has been sitting in them since infancy. Mrs Tuttle had everyone blow kisses as a good bye to him and tears welled up in my eyes.  

Although it was our "plan" to start to clean out our house, it hasn't happened.  I made a meager attempt by sorting through a lot of our books and trying to take them to the book consignment shop.  She took about 7 of them and I ended up with store credit.. (my fault really everything in the shop was so appealing).  Now a tub of books sits in the back of the car.  I don't look at them for fear of wanting them back in the house..

When you pray for us you can think about some of those emotions we are having! I try not to get overwhelmed by it all. 

We speak at Finland Mennonite church (the church I attended with my family)  this week and were at Grace Mennonite last week.  Here is a picture from 2 years ago that we took at Grace Mennonite's Fall Festival. 


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