Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I am getting OFF this roller coaster

This journey into missions has been a challenging one for me.  Before it started a friend and I had a conversation about seeing God do miracles.  We both realized that if we are trying to solve our own problems, control our own situations and cause outcomes, we aren't giving space for God.

The tasks between now and going to Belize sometimes seem overwhelming.  The amount of money we have to raise (in the time we have to raise it) is daunting.

There have been times when I'm so encouraged.  I am in charge of writing thank you notes.  When I got the list of people this month, I was floored and blessed!  It is so uplifting to have people come along with you and join in your vision.

At the same time my faith wanes in at the thoughts of the future.

Today I am choosing to Jump like Zephaniah did, into the arms of my father.  I am blessed really.  I didn't choose the timing of our mission, the budget, or the length.  I am excited to see, choose, and allow God to work!


PS in case anyone is a number's person(I am not!) we have about 15% of our goal raised so far!

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