Saturday, September 14, 2013

Starting Today..

. So far our family process has been:

June 2012 Nathanael goes on a mission trip to Jamaica and feels called to go
October 2012 In a meeting with our pastors, they suggest we explore Belize
March 2013 we go on a "exploratory" trip to Belize and meet Nancy Marshall. Both of us feel called to Belize, I have an amazing experience" interpreting" in a spanish speaking church
May 2013 we begin the process of applying to EMM to go to Belize
August 2013 our second interview with EMM and the decision to wait and pray about God's timing. We are given homework and told to keep in touch.
Goal?? possibly the summer of 2014.

So far this process has taken longer than I would have expected. It has been frustrating feeling like we are in limbo, but I want to trust God's perfect timing.

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